Woodhaven Kennels


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Our cattery is constructed to Feline Advisary Bureau standards,each unit is large enough to house 2 cats with 2 larger units available to accommodate 3-4 cats,1 of these units is designed for elderly or disabled cats.The cabins all have heat and lights inside with a cat flap and ramp giving access to a covered run area with full height sneeze barriers between units.

The cabins are built ‘Penthouse’ style (with the exception of the disabled unit) giving a feeling of comfort and security to your cat.

Each run has litter tray,scratching post, viewing shelf and toys giving your cat or kitten plenty to keep them occupied during their break with us.


Breakfast is served at 7.30 a.m. then during the morning and early afternoon cleaning of the units is done and each cat gets some quality time with us for cuddles, grooming, playing etc... whatever your cat requires.

Between 5-6 p.m. is evening meal time and then the cats can relax for the evening, between 10.00 - 10.30 p.m. it is lights out.

Cats can have access to their runs during the day and night or they can be kept in at night, you can make this choice when you book your cat in with us as some cats like to be active at night and others prefer to be inside, just let us know your requirements.


FOOD: We can supply cat food but if you would prefer to bring your cats normal diet or if perhaps they are on a special diet then we are more than happy to accommodate this. Our priority is the wellbeing of your cat.

BEDDING: Bedding will be provided but we do ask owners to bring in something familier to the cat that has your or their scent on it as this will help them to settle more quickly. If you wish to bring your cats bedding from home that will be fine.

VACCINATION: All cats must have a current vaccination certificate before entering the cattery.

HEATING: All units have heating. From 1st November - 31st March heating is included in the price, if heating is required at any other time a charge of 2 euros per unit per night will be added.



We hope to make your cats stay with us as enjoyable and as stress free as possible by catering for each cats individual needs.

We have 24 hour veterinary cover to offer you peace of mind whilst you are away from your cat.

Whilst we hope you find this site informative, we encourage you to visit us if at all possible or to telephone with any questions or queries you may have. Details can be found on our ‘contact’ page